Said to be the home of modern fly fishing, trips in Scotland, especially in the Highlands, are ideal for fly fishing tourists.

Experienced fishermen can enjoy the tradition and serenity of the area, including the famous fly fishing waters of the Tay, Spey and Esk rivers. Fly fishing is great in Angus, Perthshire and many other areas in Scotland.

Fishing trips in Scotland can also be great for those keen to learn about fly fishing. Where better to learn than the fishing lochs in Scotland? Fishing trips in Scotland, for beginners and experienced fishermen alike, can include hotels near fishing, spots with professional fishing guides available to help with casting techniques, like Spey casting, roll casting, underhand casting or double haul casting. Guided fishing trips in Scotland may indeed help you with many other tips that could help you real in a better catch wherever in the world you fish next.

Although Scotland has arguably the best fly fishing in the UK, you will find that local knowledge is almost essential for successful fishing. A guide with local knowledge can show you the ins and outs of fishing in Scotland. The other convenience of a guided tour is that accommodation, fishing tackle, off road transportation and even fly fishing lessons can be included in your package.

If it has always been your dream to fish the legendary waters of Scotland, why not look into a fly fishing holiday that you will never forget. Most fly fishing holiday spots are within easy driving distance of Edinburgh or Glasgow, so come experience fly fishing in the majestic Highlands of Scotland.