Fly fishing is a traditional angling method in which artificial flies are tied out of materials such as fur and feather onto a hook to imitate naturally occurring food.

Rods are generally light while the lines are heavy, providing the weight and momentum for casting. Fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular and this popularity should increase dramatically over the next two years. It is a relaxed and relaxing hobby with many intricacies to learn and master and this is what makes fly fishing appealing.

There is a lot of preparation involved in fly fishing. Some call it sport while others call it a science. Some even call it an obsession, but fly fishing is quite a graceful hobby. And like all hobbies there is always something new to learn, which makes it so exciting.

You may have taken a fancy to fly fishing but getting started might seem rather daunting. Merely choosing a line can be quite a task, but it can be an enjoyable one. There is a variety of fly fishing equipment and prices can be low to high. Some of this fly fishing gear is needed to take part in this sport at all, while much equipment is luxury. Once you get started with this sport you will find that soon you want new and better equipment. Your old equipment will become spares and you will always be striving to get the better gear and generally improving your skills.

So once you have all your gear you need to put it all together. You could get someone else to this for you or you can do it yourself. You can find guides online that will help you step by step, but you might want to learn first hand from someone who has done it before. It is easy to go to your local fly fishing outfitter, but many fly fishers enjoy this part of the sport as much as anything else. You will need to learn your knots to change your leaders, tippets and flies, etc. Proper assembly of your equipment is vital to its performance.