Here are three fly fishing books which have been discussed online as the best fly fishing books for beginners. Amazon gives rankings out of a maximum of five stars, the following books on fly fishing have received four star ratings. Here are a few short reviews, with positive and negative aspects of each book.

Read these quick reviews on fly fishing books before deciding what you would like to get out of your chosen fly fishing book.

The Complete Book of Fly Fishing by Tom Mcnally

A great introduction to fly fishing for the novice, this book is written in a way which makes it easy to understand for beginner fly fishing enthusiasts. Illustrations are used well to clarify step by step procedures. It is, however, US based (which is great if you're in the USA) and some people find the book a bit slow to get to the information you really want.

Getting Started in Fly Fishing by Tom Fuller

Another US fly fishing book, Tom Fuller has done a good job of writing a great book for those who are just getting into fly fishing. While written in clear, easy to understand language, the book is comprehensive enough to see you through most of the problems or questions you may come across during your first season of fly fishing. The only problem for UK readers would be that it is strongly based on river or stream fly fishing, were most UK fly fishing, especially for beginners, is done in still water ponds. Reviews are also critical of the minimal space devoted to casting technique.

John Bailey's Complete Guide to Fly Fishing by John Bailey

This fly fishing guide is up to date and gives a fresh perspective to fly fishing, written in an easy to follow and enjoyable style, and elaborating on the technicalities of casting, flies, equipment and fishing spots – both ponds and rivers. The book has great photography and covers some interesting fishing of Black bass, Taimen and Bonefish. The only shortcoming mentioned in reviews to date is the fleeting mention of how to feel takes. This criticism could be levelled at most fly fishing guide though, as feeling takes is a tricky subject learnt with experience.

So there you have it, these fly fishing books are a great place to start on your fly fishing adventure. Make up your own mind as to which one would suit you best and enjoy it!